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Ari's hair Salon LLC

The best hair salon on Vancouver, Washington

About the color experts

Ari´s Hair Salon LLC provides hair professional services to residents in the Vancouver, Washington area, including the communities of Camas, Woodland and Longview and communities in between like Portland and Salem, Oregon. We focus on give the perfect experience to ours clients providing the best services with the state of the art products.
Our stylist have undergone strenuos training to learn the perfect techniques to provide you the service that you deserve

“Life is more beautiful when you meet the right hairdresser.” – Peter Coppola

Our Policy


Please come to your rsvp 10 minutes prior to your appointment, this ensures that you receive your service on time and smoothly.


If you can´t assist into your rsvp, please give us a 24 hours notice of any cancellation.


We accepted all forms of payment: cash, mastercard, visa or you can pay into our booking form.