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Special Hair Services

The hair style experts

Ari´s Hair Salon LLC  take care of your needs so we give you different options to care for your hair like smoothing treatments, keratine permanent hair straightening, permanents and hair extensions to look a perfect and healthy hair

"Hair is important. It depends on who you are, but hair is to me at least a way to express yourself. It documents your life in a sense, like with trends or whatever." - Zendaya

Our haircut services:

Permanent Hair

Ari´s Hair Salon LLC´s permanent hair service gives your hair beautiful waves that will create volume without sacrificing the health of your hair.

Keratin permanent hair straightening

Ari´s Hair Salon LLC gives you the best keratine smoothing treatment using products recognized in our industry that ensure the safety of our clients and stylist. Those products will give you the perfect straight hair give to your hair the healthy appearance that you deserve

Hair Extensions

Ari´s Hair Salon LLC helps you to show the perfect long hair that you have always dreamed of. We use the best hair extensions that will give you the natural long hair that you desire and everyone will envy.

Smoothing treatments

Your hair is a mess? Do you think that your hair needs a renovation? Lets Ari´s Hair Salon LLC help you to care for your hair health and bright

Shampoo and Dry

Let Ari´s Hair Salon LLC help you to pamper yourself given you shampoo and dry experience that will relax you using the best products that will give your hair shiny and soft


$ 100 +


$ 250 +


$ 100 +

Smoothing treatments

$ 80 +

and Dry

$ 35 +

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